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We’ve designed a multi-point checklist for each area of your home to best ensure that we make sure that your home is as clean and spotless as you want it to be and save your time and energy from doing it yourself.

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House Cleaning

JCA Cleaning Plus offers recurring house cleaning services designed to address all your cleaning needs. We clean all kinds of homes and apartments. We can handle any size, layout, and living space conditions.

Office Cleaning

Many workers spend a lot of time in the office. It’s crucial that their workspace be clean and organized for a healthier and more productive environment. You will be amazed at how pleasant it is to walk into a clean office.

Sanitization Service

We are here to help reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria in your home. We are using 10-point disinfection to clean all the high touch surfaces in your home and office. Let us help you stay safe and together we will get through this.

Post Construction

Your property can get very dusty after any construction job. We can easily remove as much dust as possible with our HEPA filtration certified vacuums. Don’t waste time doing all the heavy cleaning after a construction job. Let us do the dirty work!

Tenant Turnvover

If you’re a landlord or a realtor looking for a cleaning company that will prepare your property for a showing or for a new tenant we can help. We provide all the equipment and cleaning supplies.

Deep Cleaning

Now more than ever it’s important to get your property thoroughly cleaned. We can help by providing a complete top to bottom deep cleaning. Your home will be completely cleaned and sanitized. We will make your home and office sparkle again.

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